Technical documentation

This is the heart of Zowi the ZUM BT-328 board , Arduino compatible with a bluetooth shield that allows to program the Arduino without wires.


Check how to program with Arduino IDE Howto


A lot of info to analyze here:

The list of materials:

  • 4 Futaba 3003 servos or compatibles
  • 6 M3x10 Bolts (ISO 4762)
  • 2 M3x10 Bolts (ISO 10642)
  • 8 M3x12 Bolts (ISO 4762)
  • 8 M3x16 Bolts (ISO 4762)
  • 22 M3 nuts (ISO 4032)
  • 1 BQ ZUM BT328 or Arduino
  • 4 x 2 AAA Battery holder
  • 8 AAA bateries


Hello Zowi

We have been good boys during the year, and the three kings (like Santa on Spain) have took us a zowi robot. The educational BQ robot created with open hardware and open software.


On this website we will try to collect all the available technical  information, and projects around this device. Moreover we will try to go further and understand the internals and develop more complex projects than the original standard educational project for kids.

This is the BQ page for Zowi.
This is the Zowi support page, you can download Zowi instructions, and Zowi Unassembling guide.

Zowi is based on BOB, the original project, you can read more info at:




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